Scalping Journal 31 10 2015

Scalping Journal

Scalping Journal entry for October 31, 2015

It ‘s been a while I haven’t posted any updates due to a health problem.Now I am getting on track again.

I have updated also my site switching from xsitepro to wordpress since the old xsitepro sites doesn’t pass mobile friendly tests.

In addition mbtrading stop serving forex accounts so we are testing new options now.

Here is the announcement:

On Friday, October 23, 2015, MB Trading stopped directly supporting forex trading. As a result, MB Trading Desktop Pro forex accounts were migrated to the TradeKing ForexTrader platform. MB Trading MetaTrader 4 forex account balances were moved to a new TradeKing Forex MetaTrader 4 server.

The three pairs we are watching follows with analysis for each one.

gbpusd produced two signals.The first one was a loosing one with small stop loss and then the reversed trade would offer us  the chance for a scalping target and a converted intraday trade for approx 100 pips plus.

gbpusd technical analysis 30 10 2015

eurjpy produced thee signals all capable of producing scalping targets ,while the third one had the potential to convert in intraday trade with potential for 60 pips.

eurjpy technical analysis 30 10 2015

gbpjpy was very active in Tokyo session ,produced three signals one loosing and two valid ones.The last one produced the biggest runner for the day with over 180 pips potential.

gbpjpy technical analysis 30 10 2015