forex scalping

forex scalping and what it can do to your life

“forex scalping custom software,ensures consistent profits!” Is this a bold statement?

I don’t know how you feel about having a ‘crystal ball’ to accurately time the financial markets better than any analyst on CNBC, but to me, it’s been my secret to nearly 8 years of consistent trading profits.

I originate from a middle class family of bank employees. I studied engineering and economics at an American university while working,at the same time for a Fortune 500 company.I am following the information age since 1982 when I bought my first pc. I am 51 years old.English is not my first language, but I became fluent enough to do research. Then,I managed to get on the web and decode the global financial sector.I am doing this full time since 2004.

The banking establishment has hidden agendas. Do you think they don’t want to protect their interests? Do you think they want you and people like you to know a simple way to make money whenever you like? Actually, what is in their best interest is for you to remain poor and quietly desperate!

Behind the current news headlines far bigger and more powerful forces are at work.
Quietly, certain people have been reaping huge sums of money as the global money markets are moving.
Previously, such trading has been the reserve of international banking institutions, but for the last decade thousands of international speculators have silently grown fortunes and they’re still doing it!

This is an example of one-click forex scalping with NinjaTrader platform and
Northern Lights Strategy


These are the international speculators of the big financial centers like London and New York. They are the people pulling the strings behind the scenes of globalization, making us poorer and poorer every single day.

I have been conducting research for this market for the last nine years. I have become successful using their money-grabbing methods and have further refined and developed my own “custom forex scalping software.” Now it is YOUR turn to learn how to scalp the markets!

What I will reveal to you is known to very few people around the world; therefore, you should keep reading only if you are serious about investing in the most precious tool that God gave you: your mind.

There is nothing immoral about this, but what I will tell you hits straight to the heart of the establishment and the global banking system. I understand some people will feel uncomfortable hearing this, but the truth does not care how sensitive we are or what excuses we hide behind.

Now,you’ll have the chance to start hoping again. You’ll be given the opportunity to get the passport of a global citizen. The only obstacle for global independence is your willingness to learn new things and your sense of discipline. If those are strong enough, there are no limits!

The first habit from Stephen R. Covey’s book, The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People is to”be proactive.”

You will do best if you acknowledge that your decisions,and how they align with your life’s principle, are the primary determining factors for the effectiveness of your life. You must take responsibility for your choices and for the consequences that follow.

You should know that what I will tell you is fully legal. Through research, reading and practice, I have already opened the back door. Now I am ready to hand over that knowledge to you.I will speak to you as a brother so open your ears.
“Planned Apocalypse”
While the rich were stealing our savings with bubble stocks and the real estate crisis, they were quietly earning millions playing a completely different game with different rules.

Do you feel that you’ve been cheated? I understand. Most of the money invested by small investors in the over-blown stock market and the real estate bubble has been taken and invested in the activities of the powerful. Now,the bonds issued by countries are collapsing. These were once considered to be the most rock-solid investment you could make. Not anymore. And pension funds are collapsing, too.

I will not tell you any conspiracy theories,but,in my personal opinion, the stock market has been used as a giant distraction and trap for the masses. Those who understand,and to some extent,control, the true workings of the markets encourage bubbles and over-investment. Then,the big dogs cream off the big profits and step out before the inevitable — and planned — apocalypse. CEOs often do this on a smaller scale with a corporation;likewise,the really powerful have done this with our global economy!

They have also encouraged the opening of new markets to the public,confident that,again, they can and will make out like bandits based on people’s ignorance! This is, however, a serious opportunity for those willing to use logic and a system, rather than blindly following the masses. In short, this is a life-changing opportunity for YOU!

These global financiers opened a market they cannot control, which is hard,if not impossible, to tax.Not only did the “little guys” that they wanted to participate do so, but many of those same little guys have gone on to prove it is actually a level playing field!

This is not about who you know, your standard of dress, your accent, what school you went to or any other such restriction. Can you imagine what would happen if all citizens had access to a market such as shipping and became international ship-owners? How would they be taxed? This is something similar, but without the capital required to be a shipping magnate.

The “forbidden knowledge” outside the grasp of so-called experts, the techniques that have made millionaires into multi-millionaires, are the most professional valuable secrets you will ever obtain legally. With this you can enjoy true financial security in an otherwise increasingly insecure world.

Imagine that you go to a club where a crowd is lined up in front of the door. You can join the crowd, wait a long time and probably never get in, or you can simply walk in through the back door. Is it difficult? No! The back door is wide open!

Please keep reading, as I explain the opportunity before you in full detail.

Before you go any further, let me warn you that if you are a non-English speaker, you must first perfect your English. You will need to learn the jargon in order to understand what professional traders say, to be able to mentally translate the implications in currency pairs very quickly. THIS IS NOT EASY.

Because of my humble origins, I feel uncomfortable keeping this knowledge to myself. I feel that society must learn which weapons to use to fight globalization not with riots and demonstrations,but with a way that really makes a difference in people’s lives from the inside.

What is more efficient? A protest in a G8 meeting, a few Molotov cocktails, some broken windows and lost working hours or a billion dollars leaving the global market and entering your country with the assistance of some successful citizens, you being one of them? Which would you prefer?

We are in a digital economic war. Don’t take this lightly! Only if you become a digital economic commando can you beat them in their own backyard with their own weapons: the red and green buttons.

You can fight for your government’s leftovers and live from paycheck to paycheck, always worrying, and watching your bank account with a sense of fear. Or you can claim your global prosperity, your fate and finally your happiness and freedom, for you, your family and your neighbors.

However, before undertaking what I am willing to teach you, you must perfect your computer skills. Your typing speed and accuracy must be exemplary.

The second habit from Stephen Covey is to “begin with the end in mind.”

Self-discover and clarify your deeply important character values and life goals. Envision the ideal characteristics for each of your various roles and relationships in life.

My aim is to teach you the secret code of communication hidden in the otherwise incomprehensible financial “statements” that are beamed all around the world! Using this code you will have a fair chance to join the 5% of globally successful traders.

You can work from home just three hours each day,during the opening of the European or the American session.

Access to the largest “treasury of the world” and this secret code of communication is what you need to become globally and financially independent forever.

You can give up the idea that you will always have to work for someone else, take extra shifts, settle for a low salary, etc. Your way of life and your financial success will no longer depend on anyone but you.

You could be anywhere in the world, without anything but your clothes, and within a month you could still produce an income, as long as you had access to the Internet.
What sense of freedom can this knowledge offer you?

I know that not everyone can listen to what I have to say; in fact,most will not. Even if they listen they cannot actually “hear” me or grasp how important and powerful this knowledge is. They actually don’t want to because it would mean changing their lives.

For many it is easier and more comfortable to stick with what they know, even if all they know is complaining that life is unfair, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and so on. I hope you are not one of those people! This information is only for those who can and will use it, for it will just add to the misery of those who cannot or will not!

As I suggested earlier, if you are happy where you are, then go and do something else. I am serious. It is natural, though, that you have doubts, so let me give you an analogy:

Imagine playing cards and that the player sitting opposite you,has a nervous tick each time he gets a bad card. Yet it seems he does not care how many times he loses. Would you ever stop playing with him?

The code has nothing to do with gambling I just invented this analogy to make you understand the importance of this communication code.

Very often,you might hear people say that the financial market is a k a s i n o and this is true. What is not said is that some of the elite know when the “dealer” has the tick. This knowledge will lead you to freedom, as it has led me.

“You are either on the inside or the outside.”

There is a famous line from the movie Wall Street: “You are either on the inside or the outside.” Here’s another powerful expression. I don’t recall who said it, but it is very true: “To change your life, you must first change your life.” So yes, we must be prepared to try new things, to think beyond what is on television for entertainment.

To make a difference we must take action and that is scary when it involves the unknown. Action and ignorance are not a good combination! You must always remember that when someone makes money in the market, someone else loses. You, however, can exit that group of losers forever, by using my knowledge and by taking your fate into your own hands. I can give you the knowledge  you need to be a financial winner, with your money and income under your own control.

One of the first things you should do, is to stop offering your precious time to the multinationals that milk you like a cow through the advertisements and the trash (often propaganda) they serve us.

The great teacher Jim Rohn said:

“Poor people have a large TV set and rich people have a big library.”

He is so right! The multinationals offer us too much rubbish every day. We digest it and we rush to emulate their models, charging ourselves up to the neck to buy the consumer trash they promote. Stop playing their game. Invest in your brain and arm yourself in order to address your future.

When your income becomes a 6- or 7-digit amount per year, you may buy whatever you like… without borrowing or using credit cards. Only cash, no loans. Say no to brainwashing that turns you to a consumer in debt, for debt is slavery. Say YES to freedom and security, under your own control.

If a friend sent you here to me, then you already know something of what I’m talking about. If you landed on this page by good fortune alone then you might be very curious about the market we’re talking about. So, what is the largest “treasury” of the world?
Currencies of course. The Foreign Currency Exchange, to be precise.

This market overshadows all the stock markets of the world, with a 2-3 trillion dollar daily turnover. It is thirty to forty times greater than the entire U.S. stock market. Foreign currency exchange, or, as it has become popularly known, “Forex.”

It is mainly a professional market, the normal consumer doesn’t know much about it and doesn’t know how to get inside. That’s not to say it’s a market for only a few elite traders, though, for over recent years, since deregulation back in the 90’s, more and more “common” people are throwing their money at it. However, this is exactly what elite traders like to see. Because action, coupled with ignorance, means easy profits for them!

Now, at a time when all the talking heads are complaining about a lack of liquidity, are you not impressed about the size and liquidity of this gigantic volume of cash? Of course you are. It is quite literally the market for the world’s money. It couldn’t get any bigger! The beauty of it is that there is the possibility of an immediate and large profit, if you build your “surfboard” properly.

A ripple on Forex that the big institutions barely notice can mean rapid wealth and independence for individual traders such as you and me. That “ripple” is like surfing a tidal wave of honey!

It is time, therefore, to dip your finger into the world’s biggest and most liquid honey pot. Do not think that because banks, governments and other giants are in this network, that you cannot join. On the contrary, the code of communication I mentioned works because all the major investment banks and international funds are in the market…

We will identify when these elephants go for water at the river’s edge and you will go behind them to drink as well, and the moment they ready to leave, we will have already left. This technique is so effective, that I describe it as “robbing banks legally.” It’s a pretty good description!

But pay attention. You must not fall into the trap of arrogance and let greed get out of control. Your mantra will be, “Small amounts, continuously, consistently.” Otherwise, if you do not leave the riverbank in time, the elephants will trample you as they leave. A few hundred Euros or dollars a day is fine. $€200-300 per day is about €5,000 to €6,000 a month. More than that would be pure gambling, which I cannot recommend.

The third habit from Stephen Covey is “Put First Things First.”

Prioritize, plan, and execute your week’s tasks based on importance rather than urgency. Evaluate whether your efforts exemplify your desired character values, propel you towards your goals, and enrich the roles and relationships that were elaborated on in Habit #2.
Your Life Need Not Be a Lottery

€5,000 is an amount that allows you to live a nice quality life and also, very importantly, to save.

It will take you much more time to go to the bank (to withdraw your money as cash) than it takes to produce it, if and when you know the market shortcuts!

This is how the banking establishment does things:

They borrow from you – at the very most 3% per month through your deposits – and make profits of about 1% per day out of the huge sums they then have available. They don’t do anything very productive, but “money makes money.”

Those individuals who go for quick wealth are those who frequently lose everything in a short time. The first and most important rule is, “Do not lose money.” That may sound obvious, but remember, money is made because someone else just lost it! We want to minimize the risk, to have the odds in our favor.

How many options do you have when you buy or sell shares? Many, hundreds! With dodgy accounting and unreliable “ratings,” it’s impossible to buy shares with confidence today. Purchasing as a long term investment has become meaningless. With the magnitude of the recent downturns you could have held onto your “investment shares” for 40 years… and you would have an actual profit of ZERO!

Imagine a lottery with only six (6) numbers. The fewer the numbers, the greater the likelihood of success, right? The continuous success I’m sharing with you comes because I have chosen to specialize in only three pairs. GBPUSD,GBPJPY,EURJPY of the six major world currency pairs.

Your main task is to become a familiar with their character, knowing anything and everything about them. Enter in their flow, surf with their waves, breathe with their swings, go for lunch when they consolidate, sleep when they sleep flat in the charts.

Remember what I said about the “elephants” going to the riverside to drink? They have a specific time and pathway for this process. I choose the calmest most predictable “elephants” going to drink during the English breakfast time, from 7.30 AM to 11.00 AM. More often, however, they have drunk enough by 9.30 AM. End of their day. Time for the good life. If this time is not convenient for you, you can choose their lunch or dinner time instead!

The fourth habit from Stephen Covey is “Think Win-Win.”

Genuinely strive for mutually beneficial solutions or agreements in your relationships. Value and respect people by understanding that a win for all is ultimately a better long-term resolution than if only one person in the situation wins.

One of the major advantages of the exchange market is that it works 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Caution though. Whatever hours you choose, you should adhere to them in order to familiarize yourself with and get know your specific “elephants”. You do not need to fight or stop the elephants, all you need is knowledge and your trading room  equipment hooked up to the Internet.

I will show you exactly what I do on the screen. As you get up to speed and become better in this art, you have two options. Either spend your earnings, or reinvest and increase your capital. Assuming that you have taken €200 per day on average and, instead of spending, you reinvest, you double your position every month. Are you familiar with the story of the rice grains on the chessboard? I’ll explain:

Legend has it that a Chinese emperor offered to grant a subject his wish. The wish asked for was for a grain of rice, doubled on each square of a chessboard. The emperor agreed, until he calculated that this constant doubling amounted to more rice than existed in all the fields in the nation! That’s the power of repeatedly doubling.
Will You Change Your Life? By How Much?

€251,999 (net) in your bank by the end of your first “semester.”This is your goal.

You should not view this as a get rich quick scheme, for it is not. Realistically it will take you around a year to reach this level of profitability, if you follow my system closely and use my custom-built tools.

What should get you excited is that not only are large sums available to you but this is solid income that will not vanish or die, regardless of world events. Recessions in the economy, terrorism acts, wars, occupations dying, elections, political parties, rallies, Chinese growth, immigrants, inflation, deflation, stagflation or whatever else comes to mind, none of it matters. Why? Because there is always a market for money! Consider each major country as a Corporation. For example, if you buy Australian dollars, you buy shares in that economy, and so on.

Who gives a damn if the stock market has hit bottom or if it has gone through the ceiling?

As long as currencies exist, that is forever, they will fluctuate either upwards or downwards. Let the stock markets crash. You do not care. It means nothing to you. You will use guerrilla warfare tactics. Quick and decisive hits, then reorganize and go back to your shelter. The Americans call it “HIT AND RUN.” Fast movements with the “elephants” and you’re done for the day.

The fifth habit from Stephen Covey is “Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood.”

Use empathic listening to be genuinely influenced by a person, which compels them to reciprocate the listening and take an open mind to being influenced by you. This creates an atmosphere of caring, respect, and positive problem solving.

Once again, I assure you that the foreign exchange markets are not the only game of the major investment banks. This is more a myth created by them to keep all the “goodies” for themselves. 3% for you per year and your money, 1% for themselves daily. As Onassis used, O.P.M. (other people’s money!). They borrow from you for a pittance and make a profit 15 times the interest they pay you for a month. Do you understand why they will not at all be happy about what I will reveal to you?
Can this be Income for Your Lifetime?

You will discover how to easy it is to catch fish in a lake that never runs out of fish, or to convert your home computer into a home ATM machine! To live with security and financial freedom, you just sit down at the machine for a few hours a day and “crank the handle.”

How much would you expect to pay for tools and private lessons that will give you a fair chance to become wealthy… and give you confidence, hope and happiness in your life? It is difficult to determine the price of happiness, hope and freedom, isn’t it? What is being revealed will enable you to support your beloved family, any special causes or charities you wish to support, your hobbies and a lot more.

You’ll escape the torture of traffic on the streets, you’ll choose who does or doesn’t have your cell phone number, you’ll have time to care for your home and your health. By helping yourself you’ll be in a better position to help others, instead of being crushed by stress just to keep going and doing the same thing tomorrow as you did yesterday. Don’t you deserve more to look forward to than just the weekend?
Can You Do This?

You do not need experience or academic knowledge to start and your initial capital can be very small.

Do not assume that I coach only students with huge capital. You can make €200-300 per day with a capital of about € 10,000. All you need is knowledge and experience to be able to produce €200-300 per day.

You can do it with very little money as initial capital, just a few hundred Euros is enough to start building, though you really accelerate from around €5,000. The bigger question is do you have the right mindset and attitude? Are you hungry for more than a j.o.b. (just over broke)?

With my assistance, you do not need any experience in trading. You may have no idea of the international financial markets at all, which is quite probably an advantage for you, as you get to start with a blank slate, without fixed but false impressions.

So what do you say? Will you come on the “bandit raid” with me, or would you rather just watch? Well at first you can do a bit of both! See the questions and answers section later. For now here is an overview of what you will be getting from me.

forex scalping ebook

Northern Lights Strategy offers you a simple fast, result oriented strategy, to trade Forex with a competitive edge.

It works like a microscope spotting the reversals and breakouts faster than anything else. On the other hand it displays the nervousness, optimism or depression due to the fact that shows the sentiment per second in your charts.

Choppiness ,nervousness ,optimism, depression all are appeared with a distinctive manner. Those main characteristics give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

In combination with a solid plan Northern lights forex scalping strategy saw you technical details that 90% of the other traders don’t see, like micro-divergences and micro-supports. This fact adds to your probabilities too.

Northern Lights forex scalping strategy will let you take advantage of trade opportunities with speed and trust in your decisions, due to real price action in real time with lagging time of 0.

Northern lights forex scalping strategy is a NinjaTrader add-on which uses data from an ECN broker* or from an independent feed provider like e-signal or kinetic.

This means to you that you trade in transparency conditions ,with real bank prices without dealing desks in your personal platform.

Northern Lights forex scalping software helps you understand the spot forex market deeper and clearer. It will let you change direction fast,correct, with confidence in your trades, as fast a chameleon change colors. The low volatility pattern, protect you from low volatility trades which are the most unpredictable.

With Northern Lights forex scalping you can spot easily the pivotal points so stop losses are kept to minimal while you scalp.Four ,seven, ten pips are usual stop loss entries.

Northern Lights forex scalping strategy is very profitable for the investors will use it as primary or complimentary strategy in other styles and trading.

Traders must know to recognize the patterns and what triggers them. They must be ready to take the cream-pips as the momentum lasts.

Since Forex market is decentralized there are different parameters from the stock market and things are moving very fast in comparison with the stock market.

Lighting fast Internal information in combination with technical analysis price action is the wining combination

Northern Lights forex scalping strategy will smarty simplify your trading. It is prerequisite for someone to sit and a make the necessary screen time in front of the screens in order to understand and submerge in the specific currency flow.

With the above, the daily knowledge cultivation, the experience , the pattern recognition, the daily practice patience persistence you will become consistent profitable which is the ultimate goal for every trader .

You will learn whatever you need to know about the Northern Lights forex scalping strategy behavior and the accompanying custom made indicators, patterns ,models and rules . All these are not published anywhere and most of them are delivered orally for obvious reasons.

You will learn strategies and tactics that you can apply with other tools in order to create your own personal style. You will learn when to exit and when to enter. How to make your own rules how to follow them how to manage your positions.

For those who are able to follow the above, the consistent profitability is a matter of time.

The daily results are published daily in and in our blog

It will be my pleasure to help you improve your investment abilities.

At first you just relax and let me teach you on the screen, in the comfort of your own home.

I use Skype chat, oral chat through Skype,Teamviewer, file sharing through Skype and my own servers for files and charts.

Everything is prepared with professional detail, in logical and clear steps.

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I have spent thousands of hours researching and gathering this knowledge. Now it’s all conveniently in one place, so you have a complete and integrated business tool.

Press the play button to get a taste of Northern Lights. All the scalping YouTube movies were made with my custom-made tool “Northern Lights” in NinjaTrader:

It is possible to achieve above 90% success rate consistently.

Everything is written in the simplest way I could think of. There are many diagrams, videos and photos to answer all your questions.

The sixth habit from Stephen Covey is “Synergize.”

Combine the strengths of people through positive teamwork to achieve goals that no one person could achieve alone. Get the best performance out of a group of people through encouraging meaningful contribution, and modeling inspirational and supportive leadership.What Is This Worth To You?

When you see the materials I provide, including custom-built software and video-recorded instructions, plus my personal assistance, of course, you will know you have made the right decision regarding how to start making real and consistent profits in Forex.

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Please be sure Forex is your first choice. Once you pay and you have access to the material, you can save diagrams, read and print manuals, etc. This means that I accept no returns after the transaction and delivery. All sales are final, so let’s see if Forex and my system are truly for you…

With this system you can escape your current situation. Lack of money means more than simply not being able to buy more “stuff.” It means not being able to choose what you do with your time, where you go, or who you go with. It means having a boss, who in turn answers to some other boss, so they cannot be flexible or help you. At best you can only hope for a promotion, meaning more work and responsibility, more hours and being someone else’s boss… but you still have a boss above you. That’s the good outcome! In truth you could easily end up being made redundant or find your entire company going bust. There is no security in a job.

The only secure estimate for the future is that everything will be insecure. Swallow that and run ahead of it.

I feel sorry for those in third world countries, but really our own lives are only inches from disaster. Most of us live no more than four or five paychecks away from complete devastation, in fact for many the loss of just three month’s salary in a row would sink their financial ship.

Wealth should not be judged in numbers, but in time. How long could you survive without working? What are your assets, what are your liabilities and expenses?

How quickly could you change your situation with say an extra €5,000 each month?

The Northern Lights Strategy is nothing less than an income tool for your lifetime. It’s the method and the tool for fishing a lake of unlimited fish… and perhaps tax free fish, too. (More about that in our private discussions through Skype).

How much do you estimate that’s worth? There are few businesses you can start with such little capital and without having to let go of your current income. Those that exist, such as schemes selling vitamins to your friends, are much harder than they sound and most people will fail. The Internet promises the world, but delivers little for the majority of online businesses, while buying and holding stocks has become a bad joke.

My own time is valuable, too, but I have more available than most. I like to help people, but cannot work with too many at once. Deciding on a price to charge for my mentoring was difficult. If I were to charge what it is actually worth it would be unaffordable for those who need it. In the end I decided to set the fee for this ‘back door” strategy and my time at only €1,470. That covers my expenses, plus a little motivation, while ensuring my trainee traders are serious and have at least some income. If you cannot afford that fee then you probably cannot afford Forex in the first place. I would not wish to encourage anyone to put their rent money at risk.

The same price applies to private investors, corporations, institutions and any other commercial use.

There are no silly bonuses to lure you. I want to work with serious people who know how to spot a chance in life and grab it, without me having to keep pushing them.

I hope that you will see it as an asset and the beginning of your financial freedom. It is a fraction of college fees for a semester. I will help you get your investment back as quickly as possible, so the question is, are you ready to invest in that money-making machine called your brain?

And now the bad news: there is a restriction on vacancies.

Forgive me about that, it has nothing to do with the fact that there is a limit on how much money can be earned, quite the opposite, but it has to do with two things…

As you can imagine, the fact that I have to support and train my students through Skype and Teamviewer imposes some restrictions on how many students I can take on. There are only so many hours in the week. I can create more money, but not more hours!!! Moreover, I do not want to make compromises on quality. The priority to me, therefore, is to help you with first class service and to continue doing what I do, namely to scalp Euros and to offer my trading services.

I hope you understand that if you are quick in your decision and I mean if you act now, today, you will secure your position. This is no marketing gimmick, as I simply cannot possibly devote enough attention to too many trainee traders at the same time.

Once the doors close they will remain closed for awhile, but as some trainees move on to consistent profits without my help, more opportunities will become available. What I cannot do is guarantee when spots will become available. You may book in advance, if you wish, but what I will never do is to push an existing client aside, regardless of how much I am offered by someone new. Nor will I take on a new student if I do not have time to really help them.

You have an opportunity in front of you and I urge you to grab it today. If you still have questions that I haven’t covered here, you need to ask me quickly, so that I may respond quickly and we can get you started. If you are completely new to Forex and need basic information on Forex trading, I have some free material, which you can get from here:

Understand that what I am offering today is much more advanced and profitable than any free information you will find on the Internet. This is the real thing, direct mentoring and education from a successful Forex trader.
The Doors to Financial Freedom and Security Are Unlocked!

This is different from virtually anything you have seen before. It’s not your usual get rich quick scheme that involves silliness or abusing other people’s trust. There is no selling involved to anyone who is not already keen to buy. You do not need to convince anybody else. You just need to follow the plan build your knowledge and skills.

Optimism is a great thing but it’s hard to be optimistic when you have no actual reason for hope. Here I’m offering you a very real and solid opportunity. Let me offer you my unique knowledge and experience and, most importantly, a fresh start. I’m confident anyone can do this, if you follow my footsteps. I also know that well over 95% of Forex traders lose more money than they gain, for many different reasons. You can discover those reasons by yourself, which is the long and hard way and which will cost you a lot more than this course, or you can take my hand and follow me.

Forgive me for speaking sharply and perhaps being harsh, but this service is very different and rather innovative, as you may have noticed. I do not train you to become a teacher or physicist, or one of the many other J.O.B. professions, I train you to secure your income forever, without having the need of any person or state. The global market is difficult, if you don’t know what you’re doing… and there is no free lunch or subsidies.

I would advise you to keep the process secret until you have reached total security. Do not start bragging to your friends that “I did this or that,” etc. It is sufficient for you to know that you have the way to fill your pockets with cash and be free from debt. Make a general statement that you are learning the web and stop there, or you will be pestered to death! You should also ensure you will not be the blind leading the blind, so don’t call yourself an expert money creator until you are one, which is what I will do for you.

Stop watching television, don’t waste time on useless activities, get down to studying and practicing and everything will go well.

The seventh habit from Stephen Covey is “Sharpen the Saw.”

Balance and renew your resources, energy, and health to create a sustainable, long-term, effective lifestyle. Emphasize exercise for physical renewal, prayer (mediation, yoga, etc.) for spiritual renewal and good reading for mental renewal. Being in service to others also renews you spiritually.

Remember, if you just copy me, you’ll get my results. That’s logical and I’ve already proven it to previous trainees, which is as close to a guarantee as I could give or you could ask for.

By this time next year, or much earlier, you can be bidding a polite farewell to your boss, and any future bosses. Imagine being your own boss, forever. You answer to you, nobody else.

You start small, with easy and convenient steps. The easy and convenient stays, while your income and freedom will grow. That’s what I can do for you. Your first step will feel like the biggest because you’re stepping into the unknown, but that’s exactly why I’m here! Please don’t feed the “elephants” banks any more, instead follow my exact footsteps, and I’ll take you to the freedom that other people are already enjoying.

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Risk disclosure about NL SMOOTHED


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Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor.
An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk
capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or
life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with
sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not
necessarily indicative of future results.