forex scalping software 23 4 2015

Northern Lights Forex scalping software can help you take high probability trades in high volatility periods.

You can observe in the below chart the period of New York open with the initiall stop hunting and then the breakout in the top of the range.

The chart is 30 second chart in order to see what others don’t see.

forex scalping software eurjpy 30 seconds chart
eurjpy 30 seconds chart

On the daily level the EUR/JPY pair rose during the course of the day , but remains negative overall. Even though we rally, you can see that we gave back part of the gains as soon as we came close to anything that could be thought of as resistance. We believe that there is resistance all the way to the 131.50 level, so really at this point in time we are simply waiting for a resistive daily candle to sell. We don’t really have that, but we think sooner or later we will get that opportunity and we will react immediately.

forex scalping software eurjpy daily
eurjpy daily

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