Forex scalping trades with Northern Lights strategy 28-5-2015

Forex scalping trades with Northern Lights Strategy

Forex scalping trades taken with the help of our institutional grade ninjatrader strategy for Northern Lights.

In time of great volatility and conflicting news a stable strategy can make the difference.

The strategy gives the entry and we enter the trade with small stop loss.

The trades  we took today are

EURUSD-forex scalping target achieved conversion to intraday

forex scalpingf in eurusd

gbpusd forex scalping achieved conversion to intraday

forex scalping gbpusd

nzdusd forex scalping achieved conversion to intraday

nzdusd forex scalping

gbpjpy forex scalping achieved closing in the time of writing

gbpjpy forex scalping



28 May 2015 06:45 EDTThe following are UBS’ latest short-term (mostly intraday) trading strategies for EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and AUD/USD.

EUR/USD: will be news-driven today with the market focusing on whether there will be a deal or no deal in Greece. We expect volatile intraday moves, which may persist until next week. Stay flexible and keep it tight, but with yesterday’s price action in mind, we prefer to be long today.

USD/JPY: Local real money names might have become nervous with USDJPY breaking resistance after resistance while they were changing their asset allocation. Buy on dips for now. The pair was well-supported at 123.40/50 yesterday; watch 122.60/70 next. The psychological 125 level should offer resistance.

AUD/USD: We expect AUDUSD to have limited upside for now. Sell rallies to 0.7750, targeting the March low of 0.7530 after initial support at 0.7670

EURUSD recovers after the Greek headlines 27 5 2015

EURUSD recovers after the Greek headlines

EURUSD recovers after the Greek headlines

Around 17.00 hours Prime minister A.Tsipras was in the ministry of economics.Optimistic news leaked that the agreement is eminent.

We took the trade and we didnt regret it

eurusd trade

The move took some of the wind out of the trend move lower seen in the NY session (started in the London session). The move higher squeezed above the low from yesterday afternoon and the low from the Asian Pacific session. It also moved above the 38.2-50% of the trend leg lower outlined in my last post. The technical waters are now muddy.

SO what now? With the waters muddy, it means the buyers and sellers could be pushed. Looking at the 5 minute chart below, I redrew the Fibonacci from the high of the day to the low of the day. As you can see, the 50% has held so far. This is also the close from yesterdays trading. This is a new line in the sand for the day that traders may hinge bullish or bearish on going forward. On the downside a move below the 1.0860 and staying below will be eyed.

It kind stinks that Greece headline took away the punch bowl from the bears, but such is life when markets are influenced by the never ending saga.

Key resistance is breaking in EURAUD 22-5-2015

Key resistance is breaking in EURAUD

Key resistance is breaking in euraud ,

Forex trade euraud

and the 240 min chart

forex trade euraud

Ending diagonal is still in play on EURAUD it seems. We are looking back to 1.3500 for wave 5) that will complete the larger degree of wave (C) sometime this year. Only rally through 1.4500 and weekly close above this figure would suggest that bullish turn is already happening.
EURAUD Daily Elliott Wave Analysis

euraud elliot wave

forex scalping target achieved during the writing of this post.

forex scalping software 30 second chart

euraud trade





Risk currency pairs rise,Greek deal is coming 21-5-2015

Risk currency pairs rise,Greek deal is coming

Risk currency pairs as we said yesterday were in key support areas.A Greek deal is coming so they  bought the pairs on the cheap.

Except AUDUSD which is pressed most probably by an option expiry that ends tomorrow here is the situation for the other ones we took yesterday.

GBPUSD +153 PIPS Forex scalping target achieved


GBPJPY +204 PIPS Forex scalping target achieved


EURUSD +49 PIPS Forex scalping target achieved

FOREX TRADE EURUSD EURJPY 26 PIPS Forex scalping target achieved


In audusd as we read in insider trading there is an option 1.2 bln which press it

forex trade audusd

From insider trading section

“Having said that, we consider this short-term weakness as probably one of the best buying opportunities of this year before moving significantly higher. A break above the 1.1490 resistance area in the daily chart should be expected for a test of the EMA-200 line at 1.1795,” ING advises.

Two more key points today from our research

First one is about agriculture futures which I feel they will go up in the future

Strong Japanese Demand Increases Corn Sales
May 21, 2015 10:43 AM ET  |  Includes: CORN, SOYB, WEET


Weekly net corn sales were 812,600 metric tons (MT), a 120% increase from last week and a 38% increase from the prior 10-week average.
Weekly net soybean sales were 165,500 MT, a 21% increase from last week, but a 1% decrease from the prior 10-week average.
Weekly net wheat sales were 74,000 MT, a 35% decrease from last week.

Corn sales increased substantially, more than doubling their total from last week, behind soaring Japanese demand. Soybean sales also increased, but wheat sales decreased. Soybean and wheat exports increased, but corn exports decreased slightly.

Late last week meteorologists from Australia, Japan, and the United States confirmed that an El Nino weather system is currently occurring. Ocean temperatures were recorded at high enough levels to support what is classified as a weak El Nino, but there is still time for it to become more powerful. El Nino weather systems are normally classified by dry weather in Australia and southeastern Asia, and wet conditions in North and South America.

Weekly net corn sales were 812,600 metric tons (MT), a 120% increase from last week and a 38% increase from the prior 10-week average. Increases were reported from Japan, Colombia, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, and Peru. Decreases were reported from unknown destinations, Panama, China, Vietnam, and Jamaica. Exports were 1,079,500 MT, a 3% decrease from last week, but a 6% increase from the prior 10-week average. The primary destinations were Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

Weekly net soybean sales were 165,500 MT, a 21% increase from last week, but a 1% decrease from the prior 10-week average. Increases were reported from the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and Mexico. Decreases were reported from unknown destinations, Morocco, and Hong Kong. Exports were 270,700 MT, an 8% increase from last week, but a 43% decrease from the prior 10-week average. Primary destinations were the Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

Weekly net wheat sales were 74,000 MT, a 35% decrease from last week. Increases were reported from Peru, Japan, Singapore, the Dominican Republic, and the United Kingdom. Decreases were reported from unknown destinations, Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, and Italy. Exports were 370,000 MT, a 24% increase from last week, but a 13% decrease from the prior 10-week average. Primary destinations were Peru, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Japan, and Singapore.

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

The data for the report was taken from the May 21, 2015 USDA Export Sales report for the week ending May 14, 2015. The information reported is an aggregate of sales and exports data reported to the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service.

Second point from BNPP INSIDER TRADING

USD/JPY: Here Is The Key For High Demand By Japanese Investors – BNPP
21 May 2015 02:57 EDT

BNP Paribas’ conclusion to yesterday’s upside surprise on Japanese Q1 GDP is that risk appetite, including demand for foreign assets, would rise.

“Data out this morning suggests that Japanese portfolio outflows are accelerating. Japanese investors’ net purchases of foreign bonds increased to JPY 1.1 billion for the week beginning May 15, pushing the 4-week moving sum higher,” BNPP adds.

“Demand for foreign equities is slowing in contrast but the increase in bond outflows easily substitutes for this effect,” BNPP notes.

“A key factor for Japanese investors is yield pick-up compared to JGBs. The sharp increase in US and eurozone long-end yields during May is likely a strong incentive for Japanese investors to increase buying,” BNPP argues.

In line with this view, BNPP is bullish USD/JPY, targeting 128 at yearend.

All risk pairs on key support areas 20-5-2015

All risk pairs on key support areas

All risk pairs are on key support areas,eurusd, gbpusd, audusd,eurjpy have a position on key support areas on daily charts.We have a chance to enter with minimal stop loss here.

Forex scalping software chart,during the writing of the post scalping target achieved

key support area eurusd

forex scalping software chart in 20 seconds

forex scalping software

EURUSD daily chart


Relevant insider trading information

Turning to EUR/USD, ING notes that the short-term expected correction is unfolding with prices breaking the trend line below 1.1290.

“However, the downside potential within this correction is limited and we should consider this as a pull-back in the development of a short-term higher bottom. Prices will meet solid horizontal support between 1.1110 and 1.1045-1.1030 with the bottoming MA- 50 line coming in at 1.0916,” ING projects.

“Having said that, we consider this short-term weakness as probably one of the best buying opportunities of this year before moving significantly higher. A break above the 1.1490 resistance area in the daily chart should be expected for a test of the EMA-200 line at 1.1795,” ING advises.


Forex trade eurjpy 19-5-2015

Forex trade eurjpy

Forex trade in eurjpy is matured  so it is time to close the position.

forex trade eurjpy

As we said in the weekend eurjpy was in key  resistance in the daily chart so we took the trade south in the forex scalping chart and now we are in +239 pips.

forex scalping chart

The pair is consolidating so there is no need to be greedy.

Relevant insider trading information today in

EUR/JPY: Returning sellers. Also the second attempt (despite a new reaction high) above the February high, 136.68, was rejected and this time the rejection became a lot more powerful than the preceding day. A small bearish divergence will also help underpinning a move lower and so does the rising wedge (terminating pattern) formation. So all in all increasing downside pressure expected. A rebound should attract sellers around 136.15.




Weekly analysis based in daily charts 18-5-2015

Weekly analysis based in daily charts

Weekly analysis based in daily charts in eurusd gbpusd and audusd

EURUSD has moved up into the key resistance zone between 1.1455 – 1.1530.Market awaits the Greek news tom to see were the pair will go. A move up above 1.1500 would make this pair look more bullish and solidify this recent upward move.There is no way that they don’t find a solution Eurozone will colapse.If you believe this euro is cheap today to buy it with relative small stop loss in the daily candle.

forex trade eurusd

GBPUSD – Sterling/dollar stalls, looking to buy a pullback

The GBPUSD stalled on Friday, but the recent bullish trend is still intact. If price pulls back to 1,5500 support this week we will look to buy. A touch also on the raising trend line would be a nice forex scalping opportunity.

forex trade gbpusd

AUDUSD – Aussie/dollar remaining a float

The AUDUSD pulled back into the key support area zone between 0.8030 – 0.7940. We could see higher prices this week if price continues to remain a float and if traders buy risk with some good news in Europe.

From insider trading  section relative information

Quant Signals For EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, & Other Majors – BNPP

The following is the weekly update from BNP Paribas quant FX model ‘STEER’

insider trading

18 May 2015 05:28 EDT
The following are UBS’ latest short-term (mostly intraday) trading strategies for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and AUD/USD.

EUR/USD: The market is still very keen on being short and we fancy that side too but as it makes no sense to fight the correction for now, we will sit tight and wait for better levels. We expect lots of selling interest ahead of 1.1500. Go short at 1.1450 and add at 1.1500 with stops at 1.1555. Flows are mixed with no clear direction.

GBP/USD: The pair got capped again, reinforcing the resistance around 1.5800-25. The general picture remains rather unchanged. Sell rallies toward 1.58 with stops just above 1.5830.

AUD/USD: The market will look for clues of a more explicit easing bias in tomorrow’s RBA minutes. With poor US data on Friday, we expect limited downside in AUDUSD and prefer buying against the short-term uptrend line around 0.7920.

Trade of the week by Barkleys 18-5-2015

Trade of the week

Trade of the week is characterized the monthly chart of gbpnzd by Barkleys.

Currency investors should consider buying GBP/NZD this week, advises Barclays Capital in its weekly FX pick to clients.
“The NZD has not participated in the recent FX bounce against the USD, and the RBNZ Q2 inflation expectations survey (Tuesday) may keep the currency under pressure and support our view of further easing in June and July,” Barclays says as a rationale behind this call.

“The break above multi-year range highs near 2.1060 encourages our bullish GBPNZD view. We look for further gains through nearby targets in the 2.1500 area to confirm potential upside traction. Our greater targets are towards 2.2530, the 2011 highs. Beyond there would signal room towards swing projections near 2.4375,” Barclays adds.

Wait for a retracement in this in 2,1040 area

trade of the week gbpnzd

Northern Lights forex scalping chart entry

Use money management in this don’t risk more than 1% of your account and have in mind that there is large spread in this pair.

For more insider trading setups watch daily

Technical setups for the coming week

Technical setups for the coming week

Technical setups for the coming as expressed from major banks and the insider trading section of

The following are the latest technical setups for EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD as provided by the technical strategy team at Barclays Capital.

EUR/USD: The upside squeeze in EURUSD points towards resistance in the 1.1535/1.1585 area, where we would look for signs of a top. Our preference is to fade upticks in line with our greater bearish view for a move back towards initial targets near 1.1055.

USD/JPY: Thursday’s bullish ‘deja’ candle encourages our bullish view. We expect the 118.15/118.30 range lows to underpin a move higher towards our upside targets near 120.50 and the 120.85 area. A move above 120.85 would point higher towards the 122.05 highs.

GBP/USD: We are bullish and look for a move higher towards targets near 1.5830 and then the 1.5880 area. The former range highs near 1.5550 provide buying interest on dips.

USD/CAD: No change. We look for support in the 1.1905/1.1940 area to underpin downticks. A move above 1.2205 would signal higher towards 1.2310 and then 1.2390. Greater targets are towards 1.2670.

The following are the key takeaways from this week’s COT report as provided by Scotiabank. (Data in this report cover up to Tuesday May 12 & were released Friday May 15).

The aggregate long USD position has come further into balance, falling by $3.3bn w/w to $29.9bn on the back of continued short covering across most currencies. The softening in bullish USD sentiment has accelerated over the past seven consecutive weeks and is now well below the $49.4bn record from late November.

EUR sentiment remains overwhelmingly bearish, the $25.1bn net short position representing nearly 84% of the aggregate USD long. The position has improved only modestly since its $30.4bn level from late March, with the entire shift coming on the back of short covering over five of the past seven weeks. Recent EUR gains underscore the impact of short covering, hinting to further upside in the event of a continued adjustment.

JPY risk has been pared further highlighting a considerable degree of uncertainty as investors reduce risk on both sides.

forex trade usdcad

CAD sentiment is nearly balanced with a net short position of $0.3bn, a notable shift from the $3.1bn level from early March with the bulk of the improvement driven by short covering. For AUD, bullish sentiment has improved further with a fourth consecutive week of short covering allowing for a rise in the net long to $0.4bn.

forex trade eurjpy

Morgan Stanley picks EUR crosses as its technical FX chart of the week where MS remains medium-term bearish and looks for selling opportunities. MS provides some important levels for these potential trades where traders should consider selling EUR/USD, and EUR/JPY and placing their stops.

“We like to sell EURJPY around current levels, given that there has been over a 38.2% retracement of the 1 st wave and the c-wave is almost complete. A stronger bearish signal would be triggered by a move below the recent consolidation area around 133.90. We would place a stop at the 50% retracement level of 137.90,” MS advises.

“The wave structure suggests that there could be some upside momentum in EURUSD since the 5 th wave is incomplete. We suggest selling on rebounds just above the 1.15 area. There will be further downside momentum on a move below 1.1200, the lower end of the current channel,” MS adds.

This trade might be good initially for forex scalping and then you can convert it.

USD/JPY holding up relatively well amidst broad-based US dollar sell-off, notes BTMU.

“The weaker US retail sales report has weighed modestly on USD/JPY. The slowdown in US growth is pushing back Fed rate hike expectations into next year. Still long-term US yields have adjusted higher while short-term yields have remained more stable dampening downside risk for USD/JPY. However, the recent improvement in Japan’s external account surplus is encouraging USDJPY selling,”  BTMU adds

We expect to see an increase in demand from Japanese investors and firms to buy USDJPY on any dips towards the 118.00-level,” BTMU projects.

Intraday trade in USDCAD 15-5-2015

Intraday trade in USDCAD

Intraday trade in USDCAD looked like a good opportunity with daily chart served as support.

intraday trade usdcad

The daily candles respected on close the support line in 1,1943

On the forex scalping chart the price broke from the Tokyo range and late in the evening the price tested again the medium line.After I saw a higher low I have entered and currently the trade is in +24

intraday trade usdcad

Relevant insider trading information

LONDON–Oil prices were marginally down on Friday on a stronger dollar and lingering concerns about the global glut of oil.

Brent crude for June delivery fell 0.2% to $66.60 a barrel on London’s ICE Futures exchange. On the New York Mercantile Exchange, light, sweet crude futures for delivery in June were recently trading 0.5% lower at $59.57 a barrel.

“Crude oil prices continue to remain very sensitive to the U.S. dollar movements,” said Myrto Sokou, analyst at Sucden Financial. The Wall Street Journal Dollar Index, which tracks the dollar against a basket of other major currencies, rose 0.3%. As it is priced in dollars, oil becomes less attractive to holders of other currencies when the greenback appreciates.

Market participants were also bracing for the release of the latest U.S. oil drilling rig numbers later on Friday.

The rig count–a proxy for activity in the industry–is down 58% since a peak in October, according to Baker Hughes Inc. The decline, however, has slowed in recent weeks and some shale producers say they are ready to add rigs in the coming months if prices stabilize.

Oil prices were further pressured by continuing concerns about the global oversupply.

Futures have rebounded by about 40% in recent months from their lows earlier in the year. Analysts, however, say the global supply-and-demand balance hasn’t changed significantly to support such a price increase.

Recent data point to “still loose underlying fundamentals despite price optimism,” analysts at UBS said in a note to clients. “It is still early with no obvious signs of physical market tightening.”

Earlier this week, the International Energy Agency said that while it expects U.S. shale-oil output growth to show signs of slowing, other producers like Russia and Saudi Arabia continue to ramp up production.

Oil prices largely shrugged off an incident involving an oil tanker in the Middle East. Iranian patrol boats on Thursday opened fire on a Singapore-flagged vessel as it moved through the Strait of Hormuz. The incident raised new concerns about Iran’s attempts to exert more control of commerce in the Persian Gulf.

This is the second time in two weeks that Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps naval patrol boats have confronted a commercial ship moving through the strait, according to U.S. officials.

“The fact that the market is no longer reacting euphorically to such news could indicate that the price rally–for which there is little fundamental justification–is running out of steam,” said analysts at Commerzbank.