Monthly chart setup gbpaud 11 5 2015

Monthly chart setup gbpaud

Monthly chart setup can reveal great trades and this is one of them.

Last night when I was browsing through charts I have seen this monthly chart in gbpaud.

This is the monthly chart below.As you notice the price refused to close below 1,9408 and formed three pinbars in a roll.

monthly chart gbpaud

On friday I took a short scalp with the daily chart and the forex scalping software in this pair  and placed the stop in the bullish breakout of  Northern Lights forex scalping software chart. So when the short order stopped out I reversed and took the bullish breakout in the direction of the monthly pinbar.

forex scalp in gbpaud

We are in +180 pips in this  trade and  we will let it run.

Relative insider trading information that helped the trade

What Is SocGen FX Quant Fund Buying & Selling Now?

What Is SocGen FX Quant Fund Buying & Selling Now?-2-png

The following are the latest weekly positions updates on Societe Generale’s FX Quant Fund which runs systematic currency strategies by SocGen’s quant analysts.

The SG FX Enhanced Risk Premia strategy continues to keep a long exposure to commodity and higher carry currencies. The biggest longs at the moment are in the NOK, AUD, GBP and CAD. The most sizeable short is the yen complemented by smaller short positions in SEK, INR and EUR. The short positions in USD/NOK and NZD/USD are the USD crosses with the highest combined momentum and IR-driven FX signals.

The standard SG Sentiment indicator has moved into the risk-neutral zone. Based on the adaptive (tailored) version of the sentiment indicators and the relevant time-series signals, we have a long exposure to G10 carry using 50% of the risk budget and EM carry using 25% of the risk budget.

We still have no exposure to Asia carry due to a negative momentum signal. The risk of the aggregate strategy remains below target at around 6% annualised volatility.