Sell the rumor buy the news 7 7 2015

Sell the rumor buy the news

As the talks continue and there are sincere efforts to find a solution to Greece problem optimism come back.

You have heard the buy the rumor sell the news.

Today we have the opposite sell the rumor buy the news.

We have saw the divergence one hour after the New York open.

We took the eurjpy long and quickly closed the forex scalping target in +10 pips

Now we are trailing and we have just closed at +100 pips

Renko chart with Northern Lights Strategy


Insider trading

Support for Greek deal stokes euro gains


EUR/USD nears 1.1000

The euro is 80 pips off the floor as government officials begin to speculate on timelines and a broad framework for a deal. The White House let everyone know that Obama called Tsipras and said it was in everyone’s best interest to get a deal done.

At the moment, offers at 1.1000 are capping the rally.