trade setup for NZDUSD 12 7 2015

Trade setup for NZDUSD

trade setup for NZDUSD

From insider trading

NZD/USD: We are bullish and would use upticks towards 0.68735 as an opportunity to establish shorts at better levels. We expect resistance near 0.6925 to cap a move lower through 0.6620 towards our targets near the 0.6560 multi-month range lows.

forex scalping software in 15 minute chart equivalent to two hour candlestick chart

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Northern Lights Strategy software can help you take desicions easier for scalping and intraday trading.

In this one minute chart you can easily define the Tokyo session range,

It serves as main chart.

The red box inside the blue box defines the London open.The breakout outside the box triggers your trade.The median line trails your stops.

forex scalping software main chart

Consolidation and breakout is one of the highest probabilities trade setups

forex scalping software

The entry chart will help you focus and find the first forex scalping target easy.

forex scalping chart