London open forex scalping 24 7 2015

London open forex scalping

Goodmorning all,

Yesterday I had lost the trading day due to appointments and we had a very nice signals in gbpusd and in gbpjpy.

gbpusd scalping

Took a small trade in gbpjpy today but it closed in breakeven because an opposite signal appeared.

gbpjpy scalping

London is open and we took the first scalp in eurjpy.First two parts of the order was hit in +10 and the rest is trailing

The entries are manual and the handling is automatic from ninjatrader.

eurjpy scalping

Trailing eurjpy +28

trailing eurjpy

50 pips target achieved, I will close the order in the 50 area.

50 pips target


The above method can be used with one chart only per pair outside news announcements.

The chart is not a time based chart.Settings,templates,work spaces are delivered in the one to one arranged meeting.

I believe that this must be the simplest method to make consistent money in the forex market.

The entries do not repaint

It is delivered personally orally one to one through teamviewer, skype and is licensed through ninjatrader life time.

Trading room setup is included to ensure that you will not build on sand jeopardizing live money.

If you have any questions you can send me a personal message.

Have a nice weekend