High probability setups 27 7 2015

High probability setups

With Northern Lights Smoothed we have the ability to catch high probabilty setups in London open and in high volatility pairs with low spread.

I am pasting the dialogue from our inner trading room and the live signal we gave for gbpusd

[10:40:14] Basil-kodikos says: possible short scalp in gbpusd

[10:40:47] Basil-kodikos says: with the new NL smoothed charts
[10:52:42] Basil-kodikos says: Signals don’t repaint in the new method, you need only one chart to monitor
[10:56:51] Basil-kodikos says: http://www.forexrainbow.com/images/87732787542354298339.png

first target 10 pips for two parts achieved now we are trailing the third part
[10:58:54] Basil-kodikos says: Entry of the third part and spread are covered
[11:00:27] Basil-kodikos says: third part closed +2
[11:00:45] Basil-kodikos says: waiting for new signal now


scalping target achieved