Forex scalping in the London open 30 7 2015

Forex scalping in the London open

Markets was slow and choppy today but we managed to take our daily bread and butter in gbpusd

kalimera everyone no signals this morning market is slow
[10:36:44] Basil-kodikos says: long signal in pound limit order 1,5600 buy
[11:11:41] Basil-kodikos says: entered 1,5603 in gbpusd
[11:24:51] Basil-kodikos says:


first target hit
[11:28:02] makis says: (cash)  but a little dangerous , market is too choppy like yesterday .I think most traders went to the beach….
[11:28:42] Basil-kodikos says: follwing signals maki -10-15 pips nothing more
[11:29:36] Basil-kodikos says: always in trend pointing the chart nothing more
[11:30:00] Basil-kodikos says: boring but effective
[11:30:37] makis says: yes it seems that works!
[11:31:22] Basil-kodikos says: now entry is covered free trade just wait were the order will stop
[11:31:50] Basil-kodikos says: no guessing were i must close let ninjatrader to do the work sentiment out
[11:32:56] Basil-kodikos says: only some times were i see support and resistance formed in auxiliary chart I put trailing on the support or resistance to avoid stop out by a pip or tweo no more tweaking
[11:33:12] makis says: when the signal is formed price was at 1,5610 , limit order long -10 pips (with spread) 1,56?
[11:34:10] Basil-kodikos says: yes entered in 1.5603
[11:34:43] makis says: if we set limit buy 10 pips less maybe order will not execute….    or  your  entry was market?
[11:35:50] Basil-kodikos says: yes it may not execute but you are safe better safe than sorry
[11:36:22] makis says: (y)
[11:36:58] Basil-kodikos says: the tokyo session was narrow it has the characteristics of consolidation and breakout for many pips equal to the ranging length now we are +15
[11:37:25] Basil-kodikos says: tokyo session 23 pips
[11:38:33] Basil-kodikos says: trailing will offer good pips as long as we have momentum if it starts ranging the trade smells
[11:38:34] makis says: (y)
[11:39:03] makis says: bad smell!
[11:39:22] Basil-kodikos says: yep
[11:42:01] Basil-kodikos says: entered the trailing 1,5611 under 2 resistances if it moves under 11 we close the trade , because some people will short the median line ema 50 , lets see if bulls will prevail over bears
[11:44:44] Basil-kodikos says:

forex scalping
[11:46:49] Basil-kodikos says: stop filled +4 pips for the trail