forex scalping 31 8 2015

forex scalping 31 8 2015

Today the day was very slow and choppy

We took two scalping trades one in eurjpy and one in gbpusd.

EURJPY delivered slowly the scalping target of 10 pips in approx one hour ,then for the next two hours stayed almost in the same levels but presented a high probability pattern I use and name as crocodile which saw north.

While I was waiting the pattern to deploy with small stop loss a short signal in gbpusd appeared and entered a limit order in the breath of the pair.

The order triggered but things went slow for this pair too.

While I was in this pair I have closed the eurjpy trade because I saw the reversal coming ,

Finally after almost one hour and in the starting of New York gbpusd delivered the scalping target and closed everything since the choppiness and slow market tired me.

This pair also tried to reverse just after I closed the trade by sawing opposite signal and then again reversed with a final signal which produced 60 pips.

The end of the month is always full of ranging and unexpected moves and today’s charts  and trading present this in a clear way.

All of the above is written in the two hour video.

Below you can check the three  pairs we watch every day with the trades on and the remarks.


forex scalping eurjpy


forex scalping gbpusd


forex scalping gbpjpy

best brokers for forex scalping-seven steps to forex scalping success

best brokers for forex scalping-seven steps to forex scalping success

Which are the best brokers for forex scalping ?I will try to point to the correct direction today.There is a global law for anything:

you get what you pay
The other general principal for  our accounts is:
the more capital you have the better services , the less commissions and spreads you pay.
As bullet point we can mention what we are looking for in a broker

1. Brokers must allow all trading including scalping techniques
2. Non Dealing Desk / ECN
3. Clearly regulated.
4. Offering high leverage.
6. No bad reports (Such traders do not get paid, etc.).

Many people don’t understand this vital difference so I will explain it as simple as I can.

Firstly, you must know that almost all of the MT4(metatrader platform) brokers are running a “bucket shop”.

So when you are trading with an MT4 broker, your order is not appeared in the international interbank market, but it appears in the dealing desk of your MT4 broker.

Basically you are trading either with the server, or with someone in the dealing desk of your broker.

So while in demo you might be profitable but when you deposit real money for your live account ,”mystery spikes”,(or re quotes,slippage,no executions) not appearing in any other broker close your positions with loss(stop loss hunting)

So your broker is earning from the spread and from the above “unexplainable spikes and events”.

An ECN broker is giving you the interbank feed as it is delivered by the ECN network and he is charging commissions for each transaction.…cation_Network

So the broker earns only this commission and the feed you see is not manipulated.

If you want to see a pure feed you must pay a separate feed with monthly subscription.

The spread you will pay depends from the volatility and the pair in the specific moment.Pure demand and supply.You can see zero spread in EURUSD and some times in EURJPY.

The higher the capital you have in your live account, the lower the commissions will be.

Commissions vary from one ECN broker to another and if you are trading a lot of lots each month you can negotiate the commissions with your broker.

The lower the commissions you pay the higher the minimum of lots you are obliged to trade. e.g. Institutional accounts.

If you need any clarifications, I will be happy to answer.


forex scalping with ecn

forex scalping 28 8 2015

forex scalping-ideal time duration for a scalping trade

Fridays the trade is weird ,ranging choppy and might hav3e a lot of surprises.

The two jpy pairs we are watching were not ideally so we concentrated in pound dollar during the European session.

Pound dollar gave a short signal and we waited with patience to take a breath backwards in order to enter.

Our entry was almost perfect two pips out from the maximum breath.

The forex scalping target achieved 6 minutes after the entry which is the ideal time for the first scalping target.Five to ten minutes for the first target is the ideal time duration for a forex scalping trade.

The higher time frame saw also a broken trendline and our entry was almost in the testing level.

The trade then converted in intraday and the trailing stop start locking profit.

The momentum was extremely good and before we count thirty minutes we were counting approx 60 pips.

A get out of trade divergence appeared but we were waiting a support to form in our trigger chart  order to close the trade.

Then price pierced the spine of northern lights and set course in the median trendline were our trailing stop was.

Trailing stop then hit and we finished for our trading Friday with approx 40 pips for our intraday trade.

All was recorded in the video ,have a nice weekend

The three pairs we watch every day and their signals




forex scalping gbpjpy 28 8 2015


forex scalping eurjpy

forex scalping 27 8 2015

forex scalping from ranging to breakout

Today I have made two videos with forex scalping.

The first one is about handling ranging conditions in gbpusd signal which appeared some time after the London open.

The second one is how I take the breakout from ranging conditions close the  forex scalping target and convert it in intraday trade.

Two events helped the bears like me today.

a.Fresh USD bids hit the GBP/USD pair and pushed it to a session low of 1.5434 after Fed’s George, a well known dove, sounded less dovish.

Offered below Key fib level

The spot was quickly offered to daily lows once it broke below 1.5460 (61.8% of June rally). The USD bulls made a comeback today after the spot failed to sustain above 1.55 levels. The bearish pressure on the Sterling intensified after the upside breakout from the multi week range of 1.5460-1.5690 quickly failed as the spot made its way back in the range.

The focus now shifts to the second estimate of the US Q2 GDP, which is expected to show the economy expanded 3.2%, compared to the initial reading of 2.3%.

GBP/USD Technical Levels

The pair currently trades around 1.5440. The immediate support is seen at 1.5409 (38.2% of Apr-June rally), under which the spot could drop to 1.5369 (200-DMA). On the other hand, resistance is seen at 1.5468 (100-DMA) and 1.55 levels.

b.The GBP/USD pair dropped to a fresh session low of 1.5415 after the upward revision of US Q2 GDP pushed up 2-yr treasury yield indicating a rise in the rate hike bets.

GBP/USD at lowest since July 10

The spot breached the support at 1.5424 (Aug 7 low) to trade at its lowest since July 10. The upwardly revised GDP pushed the 2-year treasury yield to a session high of 0.707%. The yield has now erased entire losses witnessed in the recent bout of risk aversion.

Moreover, short-end yields represent rate hike bets. Consequently, an uptick in the 2-yr yield is leading to broad based USD strength. Meanwhile the drop in the US weekly jobless claims further added to the bullish tone on the USD.

GBP/USD Technical Levels

The spot is hovering near 1.5415 levels. The immediate support is seen at 1.5409 (38.2% of Apr-June rally), under which the spot could drop to 1.5369 (200-DMA). On the other hand, resistance is seen at 1.5468 (100-DMA) and 1.55 levels.

The three pairs I am watching daily


forex scalping gbpusdgbpjpy

forex scalping gbpjpy


forex scalping eurjpy

forex scalping consolidation and breakout 26 82015

forex scalping consolidation and breakout

What are the steps in forex scalping that we must consider in order to trade consolidations and breakouts or plain breakouts from triangles?

1)Identify the most suitable pair

Find a pair that have built strong support or resistance levels and watch them. Remember, the stronger the support or resistance, the better the outcome. Make sure you understand this when you locate pairs to watch.

This is what we did this morning with eurjpy.We had a short signal in our smoothed main chart but we waited the breakout to happen.

2)Wait For the Breakout
Finding a good pair does not mean a trade should be taken prematurely. Wait patiently for the pair to make its move. Patience Is A Trader’s Virtue.

3) Set a Reasonable target price

If you are going to take a trade, set an expectation of where it is going. If you don’t, you won’t know where to exit the trade. This can be done by calculating an average move that the pair makes or measuring the distance between support and resistance (especially when trading price patterns).

4)Allow the pair to Retest

This is the most critical step. When a pair breaks a resistance level, old resistance becomes new support. When a pair breaks a support level, old support becomes new resistance. In the majority of your trades, the pair will test the level it has broken after the first minutes. Prepare for it.

That’s what we did in gbpjpy in the DOW open when it retested a break in a trendline in our high timeframe chart.

5)Know When Your Trade/Pattern Has Failed

When the pair attempts to retest a prior support or resistance level and it breaks back through it, this is where a pattern or breakout has failed.That is a fakey.  It is imperative you take the loss at this point. Don’t gamble with your losses.

6)Be Patient

This strategy requires plenty of patience. By following these steps, you will reduce emotion and be more objective about a trade.

7)Exit at Your Target
If you are not exiting the trade with a loss, then you are in the trade. You should remain in the trade until the pair  price reaches its objective, or your trailing stop is hit or  reach your time target without hitting your target price.


Breakout trading welcomes volatility. The volatility experienced after a breakout is likely to generate emotion because prices are moving quickly and in a volatile fashion. Using the steps covered today will help you define a trading plan that, when executed properly, can offer great returns and manageable risk.

The three pairs we watch and their signals today


forex scalping gbpusd


forex scalping eurjpy


forex scalping gbpjpy

forex scalping to intraday 25 8 2015

forex scalping conversion to intraday trade GBPJPY


Here is a respectable opinion about  the yesterday huge volatility

“‘Yesterday we said about almost ignoring the tech for the price action but what do we do after the huge moves ?

There are three main stages to these  types of huge moves we saw.

What we do when they look like happening?
What we do while they’re happening?
What we do after they happen?

What do we do when they look like happening?

It’s advisable to pull ourselves out from the lower time frames and look at the higher ones. Forget the short term tech and look at the longer term stuff. They hold greater strength  and provide a lower risk way to trade outside of the intraday noise

Let’s take USDJPY and the fibs I highlighted yesterday

USDJPY daily chart

Any of those first three fibs were trad able. Of course having the guts to do it when the proverbial is hitting the fan is the key. Also, I don’t think there were many of us who thought we’d see such volatile moves anyway, so who’s going to stick an order in 300-500 pips below the market just in case we get a move like that?  The main point is that if you have the tech levels drawn up there’s no reason why you can’t trade them. You’ve reduced the noise and could get yourself into a very healthy trade

What do we do while they are happening?

This is the stage I highlighted yesterday with the Dow. Now we can come down to the lower time frames. Take a blank page and let the price action build the tech for you. Let it show you where the market is buying and selling and when you’ve built up a good enough picture you have your levels to trade. There’s no need to be a hero but you have your lower risk entry points, your levels to lean against. Trading doesn’t get much more live than watching a 5 or 10 minute chart and deciphering the price action where moves are much bigger than normal

What do we do after?

Can we get back to normal? That’s what we need to look for. The normal intraday/short term tech may have been blown out of the water but now it’s time to see how much of it reasserts itself

1.1450 was level I was looking at in EURUSD yesterday just before it all kicked off. Today we tested it and bounced over 50 pips, then held it for a while before breaking. We’ve now seen yesterday’s low support taken out and become resistance

Slowly the short term tech comes back into play. Plenty of caution is still needed but we can start to move back to trading normally as the dust settles

Reacting to markets is all part of trading but once again, having some simple rules can make it the difference between feeling like you’re in the middle of a tornado and being in control””

A simple rule you can remember is that after great volatility ranging follows until the dust is settled.

We lost a trade in London today but we have took our losses back and some profit in a scalping  conversion to intraday trade 30 minutes before DOW open.

GBPJPY from London open to close

forex scalping GBPUSD today with paying signal

forex scalping signal gbpusdEURJPY moved parallel to gbpjpy and paid niceeurjpy forexscalping 2582015



forex scalping 24 8 2015

forex scalping pound yen

The yen jumped on the market on Monday boosted by risk aversion and had the best day in years. GBP/JPY dropped dramatically and is about to end the session hovering around 187.50, down more than 2%.

GBP/JPY far from lows

Despite having one of the worst days in months, the pair is about to end far from the lows. At certain point, GBP/JPY dropped dramatically and bottomed at 183.06, 3-month lows and 820 pips below Friday’s closing price. Afterwards rebounded rising 400 pips from the lows.

The recovery from 183 found resistance around the 188.00 area. The pair could continue to recover if equities rebound during Tuesday’s Asian session. But the global selloff in stock markets on Monday pushed the pair below key support levels, weakening the outlook for the pound.

GBP/JPY technical levels

To the downside, support levels now could be located at 186.90, 186.10 and 184.95 (July 8 low). On the opposite direction, resistance might be seen at 188.10, 189.30 and 190.90.

Forget the tech levels unless they are long term and strong. Let the price be the guide

We often preach about watching the price action and in markets like this it is the best guide

If you want to trade then let the price speak and let it build the picture for you. Anything else is guess work.

We took a long scalp initially in Frankfurt open were we took the first ten pips and stopped out in the third part.

In the American session we took a long scalp achieved the first tewn plus pips for the first two parts and then 70 plus pips for the third part

The battlefield today for the three pairs we follow and the signals they gave in London  and New York opening in main charts.

Unlucky for me  I wasn’t in the desk during the great moves.

gbpusd,eurjpy and gbpjpy

forex scalping gbpusdeurjpy

forex scalping eurjpygbpjpy

forex scalping gbpjpy gbpjpy second chart



forex scalping techniques

forex scalping techniques

Seven steps to forex scalping success


Today is Sunday so I have decided to make a seven part series videos which will talk about the most important forex scalping techniques.

Sorry for my English but is not my mother language.

The first part is about your trading room setup.

The main and auxiliary computers.

The characteristics that your main pc must have.

Suggested setup for your main pc

I am not running after stupid updates of Microsoft.

Many brokers and banks stilluse windows xp because they are stable.

End of support ?So what if I don’t use it for surfing and there is no email!

If your computer has only the platform, the operational system and the tools(eg excel) you use for trading there is no problem.

Even if you use it for surfing and you have nod32 security and malaware bytes again no problem.

The system is stable as long as you don’t go to bad neighborhoods and you use it mainly for forex scalping.

Now lets see what your main “box” must have

Big high quality box with lots of fans and space for at least three hard disks(100-150 euros)

Main board and chips Intel the fastest and the best quality for windows XP Proffesional you can buy.

Low voltage power supply above medium quality (from 100 euros and above)

Graphic card with two monitor exits (from 100 euros and above)

4 gigs ram.

Hard disks.

Main disk SSD 120 gigs is a very good option.

Auxiliary mechanical hard disk between 1-2 terra for keeping your large files.

Backup disk mechanical for weekly cloning of your main disk equal or greater from your main disk. (I use Acronis for this procedure)

Keyboard mouse wired suggested brand Logitech or Microsoft

Stand alone mic and cheap speakers is all you need to communicate with Skype

Mouse pad gaming quality (I use mouse pad steel series, Google )

Two Monitors 22” (I use lg)

What I propose for your notebook

I don’t prefer the great brands. Long time to service response,high cost to upgrade and spare parts only from them.

I prefer an OEM notebook from the best service in town.

I custom order it with high quality components and I ensure that I have 24 hours repair guaranty.

Intel components, 4 gigs, SSD disk.

After the initial setup and program platform setups, settings I move the SSD disk to my main and I perform the  clone procedure to another disk so whatever happens in the notebook hard disk I have a ready one setup hard disk to start from.

Finally I use synergy in both main and notebook.


A multifunction printer scanner copier fax suggested brand HP ,INK JET

A UPS to protect your equipment from power interruptions ,your router must be plugged there also so in case of interruption to have internet and computers on to handle your positions.Batteries must be changed in UPS every 2-3 years or you will not be protected.

These are the basics there are more software tools when I do this procedure in detail but if you perform the above you are in the correct way.

All this procedure I perform to my clients handheld through skype and teamvewer and it takes from 15 days to a month to setup all this and have them to become computer savvy in the whole procedure.

Lock your door ,close your telephone and you are ready for live trading.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

forex scalping trading room setup





forex scalping the gbpusd 21 8 2015

forex scalping the gbpusd 21 8 2015

Low range. Little changed
While the EURUSD moved higher. The USDJPY and USDCHF tumbled lower with high to low trading ranges that well exceeded the averages over the last 22 trading days, the GBPUSD traded in a 65 pips trading range (the average is 104 pips, and is just 9 pips higher from the close.

The bullish is the pair has been able to stay above the 100 hour MA (blue line in the chart above). The bearish slant is the lack of momentum when the rest of the market was selling dollars quite freely. Also, the highs today at 1.5722 took out the August 18 high of 1.5716 by only a few pips. Where are the buyers.

Despite that lack of momentum, the sellers are not exactly lighting the world on fire. As a result, I will defer to the bulls as those in control. Traders will keep that wary eye on failures above – just like they did today – but until the seller are able to push below the 100 hour MA and 200 hour MA (green line in the chart above), the selling is just corrective.

We managed to take a scalp in the American session but this didn’t develop in intraday trade

forex scalping 21 8 2015

forex scalping 19 8 2015


Market was very choppy in the morning and we remain idle.

American news offered some volatility and a big whipsaw in usdjpy.

We took a  scalp after the news in calm waters in eurjpy which hold the key support.

Currently 137.29 running into a few offers but demand into 137.00

Offers 137.60 137.80 138.00 138.30 138.50 138.85 139.00

Bids 137.20-25 137.00 136.80 136.50 136.00



the Three pairs we trade main charts today


forex scalping ej


daily chart
The GBPUSD rallied yesterday after previous day’s brief rotation lower. We have been calling the GBPUSD long on pullbacks for a number of weeks now and we are still very bullish on this market. If you’re not already long, you can continue to look to be a buyer on any weakness whilst price is above that key support zone down between 1.5535 – 1.5465. We see the potential for price to break up and move higher in the coming weeks and re-test the highs up near 1.5920 area.