forex scalping 6 8 2015

forex scalping in Franfurt opening 6 8 2015

Good morning everyone,

GBPJPY was ranging in a very tide tube with 10 pips width.

In session openings these consolidations deliver nice scalping opportunities

goodmorning everyone check out this from Deutsche bank

Stay Long Pound Into Super Thursday – Deutsche Bank
05 Aug 2015 17:12 EDTIn a note to clients, Deutsche Bank advsies clients to stay long pounds going into Thursday’s same-day release of the Bank of England policy decision, minutes and Inflation Report.

“Speculation is growing over a split vote on the policy decision. After the July minutes highlighted that ‘for a number of members…absent [Greece], the decision…was becoming more finely balanced,’ it is possible that more than the two previous hawks (Weale and McCafferty) dissent, with Forbes and Miles possible candidates,” DB projects.

“Dissenters or not, risks are asymmetric as market pricing is still too dovish. Less than a 20% probability of a hike is priced for year-end (versus over 80% for the Fed) and the first hike is not fully discounted until May next year. Yet growth in the UK has been stronger than over the Atlantic and the economy is actually generating wage pressures, unlike the US,” DB adds.

[09:38:55] Basil-kodikos says: Option expiries 10am NY cut today 6 August
Thu 6 Aug 2015 04:57:28 GMT
Author: Mike Paterson

Author: Mike Paterson
USDJPY 123.00 (USD 787m) 124.00 (825m) 124.70-75 (700m) 125.00 (907m)

EURUSD 1.0800 (EUR 2.4bln) 1.0850 (1.1bln) 1.0950 (505m) 1.1000 (402m) 1.1050-55 (820m)
GBPUSD 1.5615 (GBP 212m)
USDCAD 1.3050 (USD 490m) 1.3150 (400m)
AUDUSD 0.7300 (AUD 251m) 0.7350-60 (450m)
NZDUSD 0.6550 (NZD 329m)
[09:39:13] Basil-kodikos says: watching the consolidation in gbpjpy
[09:45:36] Basil-kodikos says: entered in 194,97 in gbpjpy
[09:47:25] Basil-kodikos says: 10 pip target filled rest on trailing
[10:00:01] Basil-kodikos says: trailing stop filled

Lost at noon this long scalping in pound yen

gj2 inverted head

forex scalping



[14:02:09] Basil-kodikos says: CLOSED 72 PIPS IN SECONDS

After I lost the second scalp I reversed on the breakout of the range and took the final trade for gbpjpy today.