forex scalping 14 8 2015

forex scalping 14 8 2015


Today I have record for you a one hour video of the most trending hour in the New York session.

It contains two forex scalping trades in gbpjpy one long and one short.

I haven’t trade at all in the European session due to obligations and I sat i front of my computer approximately 30 minutes after DOW open.

After screening gbpusd ,eurjpy and gbpjpy I have concluded that my best chances were in gbpjpy.

forex scalping gbpjpy 14 8 2015

GBPJPY formed a consolidation and I was waiting for a long breakout since I had a long signal.

Breakout happened and waited for a retracement in the breakout point in order to go long.

Price retraced and gave me an entry.

After almost 25 minutes the first scalping target of ten pips achieved moved the stop loss to breakeven and I was waiting to see some momentum.


Momentum never came , the price retreated and hit the stop loss for the third part.

Having my eyes for another opportunity I have trapped eurjpy in case it would come back in the 55 area to take my limit order to go short but in vain.

Then I spotted the divergence in gbpjpy and placed the limit order 2 pips below the support area.

The limit order activated, gbpjpy made some attempts to go up again and then bam the short momentum  came hit my scalping target ,trailing was activated and after a brief run to +26 pips returned and close this order too.In the mean while I have add some to the position and left the remaining in to breakeven.

forex scalping short gbpjpy

Enjoy the video.