forex scalping techniques

forex scalping techniques

Seven steps to forex scalping success


Today is Sunday so I have decided to make a seven part series videos which will talk about the most important forex scalping techniques.

Sorry for my English but is not my mother language.

The first part is about your trading room setup.

The main and auxiliary computers.

The characteristics that your main pc must have.

Suggested setup for your main pc

I am not running after stupid updates of Microsoft.

Many brokers and banks stilluse windows xp because they are stable.

End of support ?So what if I don’t use it for surfing and there is no email!

If your computer has only the platform, the operational system and the tools(eg excel) you use for trading there is no problem.

Even if you use it for surfing and you have nod32 security and malaware bytes again no problem.

The system is stable as long as you don’t go to bad neighborhoods and you use it mainly for forex scalping.

Now lets see what your main “box” must have

Big high quality box with lots of fans and space for at least three hard disks(100-150 euros)

Main board and chips Intel the fastest and the best quality for windows XP Proffesional you can buy.

Low voltage power supply above medium quality (from 100 euros and above)

Graphic card with two monitor exits (from 100 euros and above)

4 gigs ram.

Hard disks.

Main disk SSD 120 gigs is a very good option.

Auxiliary mechanical hard disk between 1-2 terra for keeping your large files.

Backup disk mechanical for weekly cloning of your main disk equal or greater from your main disk. (I use Acronis for this procedure)

Keyboard mouse wired suggested brand Logitech or Microsoft

Stand alone mic and cheap speakers is all you need to communicate with Skype

Mouse pad gaming quality (I use mouse pad steel series, Google )

Two Monitors 22” (I use lg)

What I propose for your notebook

I don’t prefer the great brands. Long time to service response,high cost to upgrade and spare parts only from them.

I prefer an OEM notebook from the best service in town.

I custom order it with high quality components and I ensure that I have 24 hours repair guaranty.

Intel components, 4 gigs, SSD disk.

After the initial setup and program platform setups, settings I move the SSD disk to my main and I perform theĀ  clone procedure to another disk so whatever happens in the notebook hard disk I have a ready one setup hard disk to start from.

Finally I use synergy in both main and notebook.


A multifunction printer scanner copier fax suggested brand HP ,INK JET

A UPS to protect your equipment from power interruptions ,your router must be plugged there also so in case of interruption to have internet and computers on to handle your positions.Batteries must be changed in UPS every 2-3 years or you will not be protected.

These are the basics there are more software tools when I do this procedure in detail but if you perform the above you are in the correct way.

All this procedure I perform to my clients handheld through skype and teamvewer and it takes from 15 days to a month to setup all this and have them to become computer savvy in the whole procedure.

Lock your door ,close your telephone and you are ready for live trading.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

forex scalping trading room setup