forex scalping 28 8 2015

forex scalping-ideal time duration for a scalping trade

Fridays the trade is weird ,ranging choppy and might hav3e a lot of surprises.

The two jpy pairs we are watching were not ideally so we concentrated in pound dollar during the European session.

Pound dollar gave a short signal and we waited with patience to take a breath backwards in order to enter.

Our entry was almost perfect two pips out from the maximum breath.

The forex scalping target achieved 6 minutes after the entry which is the ideal time for the first scalping target.Five to ten minutes for the first target is the ideal time duration for a forex scalping trade.

The higher time frame saw also a broken trendline and our entry was almost in the testing level.

The trade then converted in intraday and the trailing stop start locking profit.

The momentum was extremely good and before we count thirty minutes we were counting approx 60 pips.

A get out of trade divergence appeared but we were waiting a support to form in our trigger chart  order to close the trade.

Then price pierced the spine of northern lights and set course in the median trendline were our trailing stop was.

Trailing stop then hit and we finished for our trading Friday with approx 40 pips for our intraday trade.

All was recorded in the video ,have a nice weekend

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