forex scalping -Archimedes breakout 2 9 2015

Hello Traders,

Today the market was choppy and was lucking momentum.

We took two scalps.One in gbpusd during the European session approx 100 minutes after London open and one in the American session in eurjpy approx 45 minutes after DOW open.

In the first trade gbpusd gave as the most appropriate conditions since it moved in a very narrow range during Tokyo and gave us a signal after London open.

We wait with patience the retracement breath I like to call it and we entered in the trade.

The entry wasn’t ideal but the pair gave us the scalping target after approx 20 minutes.Then the trailing begun andĀ  in a point we saw 25 + pips .After this we saw a support forming ,an opposite signal in the midle trigger chart and we wisely decided to take all the trailing profit and get out.As you see in the chart below we did well because the pair reversed.

We didn’t touch eurjpy and gbpjpy in the European session since both of them moved in wide ranges during Tokyo.Approx 150 pips for gbpjpy 100 pips for eurjpy.

Then in the American session eurjpy broke the Tokyo range (Archimedes breakout)entered in a small retracement of 10 pips from the brake and took the forex scalping target as you see in the pictures for the two thirds of the position.

Left the rest on trailing but while the trailing stop reached the entry point eurjpy retraced and hit the stop loss.

So with these two trades we secured our primary target to remain consistent profitable one more day.

The first trade is written on video were I explain what I callĀ  Archimedes breakout (Tokyo range breakout) and the second is in the pictures below.

The eurjpy trade. The entry

forex scalping eurjpy a entryThe hit of the scalping target

forex scalping eurjpy 2 forex scalping target is hitThe trailing stop is hit

forex scalping eurjpy trade closedOur gbpusd trade

forex scalping gbpusd 2 9 2015The gbpjpy today was the pair to avoid

forex scalping gbpjpy