forex scalping 4 9 2015

forex scalping 4 9 2015,the crocodile pays again

Hello traders,

Forex scalping didn’t start well in the morning.

Pound dollar and pound yen had a party last night in the Tokyo session with no fresh signals.

Euro yen had a party last night after deploying a bear flag but had a fresh signal and a divergence pointing up.So I took the trade with the usual stop of 20 pips.

As you know in trading nothing works 100% of the time, so trade went sour and our stop loss is hit.

Since it was NFP day I knew it will produce weird and choppy trading so I closed the platform and I was looking for a chance after the release to take back what the market charged me for the morning counter trend trade.

Approx one and half hour after DOW open I have spotted a very tide range in gbpjpy with repetitive short and long signals in my main chart.

I spotted a fakey breakout upside and the moment the pair reversed and broke the opposite support I enter in the trade with tide stop loss.

I took the cream of the trade with the momentum hitting approx 50 pips took my losses back and some nice profit.

Everything is written in the video and trades are on the pictures with remarks.

Have a nice weekend.

The main chart of eurjpy

forex scalping 4 9 2015

The trigger and main chart of gbpjpy

forex scalping trigger

forex scalping main

The main chart of gbpusd

forex scalping gbpusd