forex scalping 7 9 2015

forex scalping 7 9 2015

forex scalping yesterday brought very poor results in an extremely slow market.

Initially in the London open I have lost an entry to a valid signal to gbpjpy by two pips since my limit order didn’t trigger and the pair produced a very niceĀ  run (….pips)

Late in the US session I gave a short order in the pair which I left it open during the Tokyo session but I have close it with +5 pips early in the morning while I saw it reversing.

gbpusd gave the signal very early in the morning so I dint touch it.

eurjpy produced one of the slowest sessions I have ever seen.

I have attempted a long 15 minutes before London close but the pair reached 9.5 pips in four hours of trading without hitting my scalping target and reversed so I closed it by loosing five pips.

Then I reverse it and left it open in the Tokyo session achieving the 10 pips target but the third part of the order stop out early in the morning.

I even forgot to open the mic while I was explaining in the video.Sorry for this.

The pairs with remarks on them


forex scalping gbpusd


forex scalping gbpjpy


forex scalping eurjpy