forex scalping 9 9 2015

forex scalping 9 9 2015

We had two successful forex scalping today in Pound dollar.

The first setup came after pound news in the morning ,industrial production.

The pair moved fast to south and we took the retracement in the borders of our Tokyo box.

The first scalping target came in three  minutes which is the ideal scalping time.Trailing stop activated but unfortunately it dint lasted and hitted in less than thirty minutes,

Then the pair made another attempt to break the 50 area and we short it again.

This scalping took over one  hour and we close it with just 5 plus pips. It reversed just after we close the trade.

The other two pairs we watch didn’t gave descent setups and signal in the European morning with retracements.

We managed to remain green today too and that is what matters.


Ideal scalping time is less than ten minutes if a pair sticks in a specific level for a period of an hour or so it will reverse.Some people call this pattern 1 2 3 reject.

 The three pairs we watch everyday and their signals today

GBPUSD with our forex scalping trades marked

forex scalping gbpusd


forex scalping gbpjpy


forex scalping eurjpy