forex scalping 10 9 2015

forex scalping 10 9 2015

Scalping didn’t started well today.

I have entered in a ranging pair the eurjpy.

I had a counter trend signal ten minutes before London open wait for the retracement and entered. The trade went red from the first minutes and gave an opposite signal.I had a chance to close in breakeven but I haven;t got a new resistance or support in the trigger chart so I didn’t close.

One hour later I paid the error for 20 pips.

While I was in the eurjpy trade I took a long signal in pound dollar and sixty minutes later I got a perfect retracement were I got in long for intraday trade.

This trade hit in the final stage approx 65 pips. I close initially 2/3 of the position but while I saw how it was approaching a resistance in the higher 2 hour time frame I  close it all.

Few minutes later it reversed and dropped 60 pips down,

The moral of the story today is: 1. close to breakeven when you have the chance and 2.  don’t be greedy.

Another day closed green with nice profit.

The title of the video with the trades consistent profitable.

The three pairs I watch


forex scalping gbpusd


forex scalping eurjpy


forex scalping gbpjpy