forex scalping 11 9 2015

forex scalping 11 9 2015

Scalping went well today.Initially I have started with a fresh signal in eurjpy .The signal came up some minutes before London open.

I took the retracement and scalping target in 2/3 of the position  came in three minutes. Ideal forex scalping duration time.

Then the pair moved very slowly in the next hour and a half, lost my patience and close it in +3 pips for the rest of 1/3 position.

Wrong decision since the target I was aiming came in the next one hour.

The second trade I took in Pound Dollar and made more than an hour to pay.Finally we got the scalping target and we left a tiny piece to close with trailing  three and half hours later.

You may find useful the below information for your trading next week.

CFTC commitment of traders released September 11, 2015:

EUR shorts 81K vs 68K shorts prior week
GBP shorts 18K vs. 11K shorts prior week
JPY shorts 7K vs 16K shorts prior week
CAD shorts 49K vs 55K shorts prior week
CHF shorts 7K vs. 8K shorts prior week
AUD shorts 53K vs 56K shorts prior week
NZD shorts 12K vs 8K shorts prior week

The data is from the close of business on September 8, 2015

EUR shorts increase by 13K
JPY shorts move closer to square and near the years smallest net position of -5.4K. JPY positions have not been net positive since Oct 16, 2012 week.

Our primary target to finish the week in green was achieved again today.

I gave the title to the video  consistent profitability.

The three pairs I watch with remarks and trades on them.


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