Forex scalping techniques16-17-18 Sept 2015

Forex scalping techniques 16-17-18 Sept 2015

It was three difficult days.The reason was that my biological clock was upset and traded in different times than those I usually trade.

The first trade I took was in 16/9/2015.

I have lost the bullish breakout(sleeping) and attempted to catch a bounce in resistance in higher time frames in GBPJPY.

The breakout was a valid signal with retracement offered 170 pips plus.As you remembered on 15-9-2015 I was trading in the Tokyo session.

The gbpjpy train passed over me and the cost was -11 pips. Closed the platform for the rest of European session.

forex scalping gbpjpy

Late at night in the closing of New York ,I have a short signal and I am attempting to fade the great bullish move.

First attempt 17-9-2015 till next day at 10,54 European EST  time = -20 pips.

Second attempt 11,30 retracement to short signal until 13.44 =-20

Third attempt double top 30 min after DOW open  till 20.55 = -20

Forth attempt same day 21.30  till 21,38 based on divergence= -20

Total for both pairs – 91 pips

forex scalping gbpusd loosing trades

Switching to gbpjpy short in 22.00 till  04,03 next morning . Total +139 pips

139 pips -91 loosing pips=48 pips net for the three days

forex scalping gbpjpy

I didn’t trade at all on Friday to relax from the stress of the previous days.Counter trend trades are among forex scalping techniques that are  very dangerous and new traders must avoid at all costs.